Ubiquiti USP RPS and UNAS 4 Unveiled

In an Early Access product drop for the new Ubiquiti U-Rack-6U, which sold out quickly for Early Access members, we also got a sneak peek at the upcoming USP RPS and the UNAS 4 (in RU slots 01 and 02, respectively), two products we’ve been hoping to see for quite some time…

For clarification of what we’re looking at here, let’s list the products in the rack from top to bottom.

  • 06: UDM Pro
  • 05: 24-port patch panel
  • 04: USW-Pro-48
  • 03: 24-port patch panel
  • 02: UNAS 4
  • 01: USP RPS

Zooming in closely on the photo reveals the product names on the devices.

Since Ubiquiti has stopped updating UniFi Video, we’ve all been waiting for a bigger move on the UniFi Protect front so that is properly scalable (unlike the single-drive Cloud Key Gen2 Plus). The UNAS 4 is likely that solution in combination with the UDM Pro, which is currently in beta with the Early Access program.

Whether the UNAS 4 (and you know there is a UNAS 8 and maybe larger in the pipeline, if they’re making the effort to call it UNAS ‘4’) is a pure NAS device or whether it runs UniFi Protect is unknown at this point. All we have is the image of a 1U device with four 3.5″ drive bays and is in the range of 10-14″ deep by just spitballing the image.

We have virtually nothing to go on for the USP RPS other than the name, which I think could be a true regulated power supply (aka RPS) for converting AC to DC power that then feeds the new UniFi products with the ULS RPS inputs on the rear. Below is a close up of the USW-PRO-48-POE switch that has the ULS RPS power input.

How nice would it be to eliminate the AC plugs and power supplies for every unit in your rack and replace the rack-mounted PDU with a USP RPS that powers your entire rack? Additionally, you would be able to monitor and likely remotely power cycle every connected device from the UniFi SDN interface.

Stay tuned.

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