Launching a Dell R610’s iDRAC 6 Virtual Console with Java 8

I was setting up an old Dell PowerEdge R610 server in my home lab this week and kept getting an error message from Java 8 after I attempted to launch the Virtual Console Client from its iDRAC 6 Enterprise card:

Unable to launch the application.

I narrowed the issue down to the disabled algorithms in the file. You’ll need to open this file in a basic text editor and look for the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms entry.

Then, delete RC4 from the list of algorithms in that entry. Make sure you save the file as a .security file (not a .txt file) and then launch the Virtual Console Client again.

After I removed RC4 from the disabled algorithms, it connected just fine.

Notably, I ran into a slightly different issue on my MacBook Pro. I went through all the steps above that I had done on my Windows 10 machine but I still had the error. When I clicked through for more info, I saw that a different algorithm was the culprit.

So, I deleted MD5 from the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms entry and that solved the problem on my Mac.

I’m not sure how this is handled with later versions of iDRAC on Dell servers; however, removing RC4 and/or MD5 from the list of disabled algorithms in your Java 8 file should solve connectivity issues with other 11th-generation servers like the R710, R510, R410 and so on.

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